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I have been working with kids, teens, adults and families in some role for over 35 years. Having worked as direct care staff while in grad-school, church staff, teaching, and as a therapist. I have had many opportunities to help individuals and families to build on their strengths, and overcome their weaknesses. In addition to my work, I am a parent. In fact I have been a parent in a wonderfully blended family where I have had the privilege to parent 23 children. While I have NO biological children of my own, I have 3 wonderful step-children who I love as my own, 3 adopted children, and have been a Foster parent to 17 children. I find amazing love and joy in parenting all of my children, and while it has not been an easy road, I would not change a single step of it.

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Therapeutic Goals

My goal as a therapist is to help the individuals and families that I work with to overcome their problems & issues they deal with, face their inner demons, and find healing and happiness in life. This is done through the use of many techniques but mostly from a Strengths Based, Client Centered approach. I strive to identify what it is that my clients are looking for in their lives, and then help them to identify ways to get there. 

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Live Well...

Trust in the goodness of people. Work harder than everyone else. Forgive and Forget. Tell someone you love them every day. Be honest and kind. Make time to go to church and remember to say your prayers. Laugh whenever you can and leave your worries behind. Be honorable. Live today like it was your last.

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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”

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Therapy Rates

At this time, I am affiliated with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana and Traditional Medicaid Insurance.  However, not all policies cover mental health visits, so it will be necessary for you to check your policy to see if there is coverage for my services.  If you do not have Medicaid or other Insurance, you are considered a "private pay" client. Even if you have insurance, it is not required that you use it when using my services.  It is your choice.  This allows you to decide which of the following issues are important to you:

Privacy-- Insurance companies have numerous people examining your files at various stages:  people who authorize payment, track your progress, audit psychotherapy practices, input data, print bills, and so on.  If you do not use insurance, I will be the only person who has access to your information except under specific circumstances which are outlined in my FAQ and discussed in our first session.

Your Future-- Your insurance provider requires you to receive a psychiatric diagnosis for your issue (e.g. major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, bi-polar disorder). If you wish to obtain private health or life insurance in the future, this information is open to review and can result in you and your family being denied coverage. Paying privately avoids this risk.

Rates:  Insurance - whatever your policy allows, either a co-pay of varying amounts, or paid at a percentage after deductible is satisfied.  Private pay - $150.00 for the first 60 minute Intake session;  $120.00 for following 60-minute sessions.  There is an additional cost for the intake for client paperwork setup.

Cancellation fee is $50.00 if less than 24 hour notice is given, regardless of insurance or not, and insurance companies do not pay for a cancellation.  I believe both your time and my time is valuable, and giving 24-hour notice of cancellation by either of us is necessary to reinforce that message of mutual respect.  Payment is by cash, or credit card. 

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