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Blending Families

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Being a step parent is a very difficult job, as you have to actively work to build a relationship with children who often times are being encouraged by others to not trust or respect you. You are also expected to be able to treat, love and care for these children who may be actively working to try to tear you and your spouse apart. These are just a couple of the things that take place in a Step-family relationship. However once you are able to win these children over, they can make your life very rewarding and filled with joy.


When a family decides to foster or adopt a child, they have all of the good intentions in the world, however the children they bring into their homes often have come from very difficult backgrounds which we may never understand. The depth and extent of their trauma we may never fully know. When we foster or adopt a child we have chosen to love, care, protect, guide and raise this child. He/she may be difficult, because while they may never be able to fully understand their own trauma, that trauma often times will influence how they live the rest of their lives. My role in this process is to help you to understand your child, and to help your child to allow you to care for them.

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